Welcome to Mid-City Construction Management INC.

Celebrating 40+ years in business, Mid-City Construction Management Inc., remains true to our roots by proudly being a locally owned and family run establishment. Within the last decade we have vastly expanded our services offering you, our customer, full-service excavation, underground, and paving.  By combining all these services we can guarantee top of the line quality, control time restraints, and save you money on every one of your projects.

It has always been our mission to provide you with the highest quality and most cost-effective excavating, underground, and paving solutions—in the safest way possible. Below is a list of just some of the services we can offer to complete any project you need:

  • Full-Service Excavation
  • Underground Water and Sewer
  • Subgrade/Gravel Paving
  • Asphalt Paving and Repair
  • Snow Removal
  • Combined budget pricing for all services

Contact us today to see how we can offer you peace of mind that all your projects will be completed with the highest quality possible; on time and on budget.  Get all your quotes and estimating inquires by emailing us at estimating@mid-city.ca or by phone at 780-463-0385. See how we can meet your projects’ needs with either our excavating, underground, and/or our paving divisions—or enjoy maximum cost and time savings by combining all three.

Latest News

Latest News

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Raising 14 Units of Blood for the Canadian Blood Services

Raising 14 Units of Blood for the Canadian Blood Services

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