Creating Partnerships with Our Community

As a company, we encourage everyone to give back to our community, and we feel community starts with building partnerships first. This is why we proudly partner with and support various local community sport leagues. As well, our entire team of employees are also very passionate towards sponsoring and fundraising for many various local charities and cancer research initiatives.

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Mid-City Construction Management Inc. Community Partner Links

Sport Central


Mid-City Construction Management Inc. is a very proud partner with Sport Central.  We feel Sport Central is a vital community resource who’s main objective is to provide equal chances to all children in our community the ability to play sports. For more information please visit Sport Central’s website at

Mid-City would further like to thank all of our employees and vendors for your generous contributions.  It is because of you that we are so gratefully able to give back to our community and support this very worthy charity, Sport Central.


Shiloh Youth Ranch


At Mid-City Construction Management Inc. nothing means more to us than giving back to our community–especially, when it comes to the younger generations. This is why we are very happy to partner with the Shiloh Youth Ranch, who offer support and camp opportunities to various children in our community who otherwise may not have been given the chance. For further information about the Shiloh Youth Ranch please visit their website at


Further, Mid-City would like to thank all our employees and vendors for making this partnership happen. It is your active participation and generosity that allows us to keep on giving!