Providing You Quality Assurance

With our quality assurance program, we systematically monitor, compare, and adjust all our services in order to meet all industry specifications and requirements. Our quality assurance program is fully integrated, including worker certification and competency certificates, operations, environment, safety, and reliability. We want to offer you the best services, and we accomplish this by doing it right the first time!

Health and safety in construction is not a matter to be taken lightly. In fact, health and safety needs must be front of mind in every aspect of construction at all times. The construction industry is challenged with many hazards, and potential for accidents. Construction materials, tools, machinery and handling techniques all come with their own dangers. The main types of accidents which cause death or serious injury on construction sites include falls, incidents with collapsing materials and contact with overhead power lines. At Mid-City we follow strict rules and regulations in place to ensure that none of this happens.

Most accidents can be avoided because we implement stringent health and safety protocols and ensuring those protocols are constantly maintained. H&S methods will ensure that our construction sites have good design, good planning and use tried and tested safety techniques.

There is simply no excuse for slacking or cutting corners when it comes to health and safety in construction. Poorly implemented health and safety techniques, design and management can result in accidents, illness and even death.

We ensure that the common construction hazards are contained and avoided by giving our employees proper safety training. Aside from the obvious benefit of keeping our workers safe, a safe workplace will reduce overall construction costs. Our proper safety training reduces insured losses, administrative penalties/fines and litigation and attorney’s fees.

Regardless of delays or looming deadlines, safety training should never be viewed as a disposable task. It is critical that each and every employee, even seasoned veterans, attend our safety meetings and training on a regular basis. Just the simple fact that regular meetings keep safety on the minds of employees can be beneficial. Our Managers and supervisors invest the time in providing relevant and useful safety instruction and guidance. By making safety a priority, we ensure that we can significantly reduce worksite injuries and deaths.

Building a Better Environmental Future

Mid-City believes in building a better environmental future for all our children, and this is why we strictly monitor and adhere to all the provincial and federal environmental standards using our environmental program. However, we refuse to stop there, and have developed our own innovative recycling and reusing program. As a result, Mid-City is very proud to report that approximately 80% of our building’s heating and operational needs are now met by reusing most of our equipment’s waste materials; in turn, lessening our environmental impact for all our children’s futures.