4th Annual Sport Central Mark Spector Golf Classic


Mid-City Construction Management INC. was thrilled to contribute as one of the 54 teams at the 4th Annual Sport Central Mark Spector Golf Classic on Wednesday July 26, 2017. The tournament was held at The Quarry in Edmonton, AB where we were able to golf and dine with athletes, coaches, media, business personalities and most importantly, help some kids who … Read More

Raising 14 Units of Blood for the Canadian Blood Services

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Mid-City is so proud to announce that we were able to contribute approximately 14 Units of blood to the Canadian Blood Services, in honour of our dearly departed Marian Stawnychy.  We would like to thank all our employees, friends, and family who came out to donate–we are always so truly amazed at how supportive and giving all of you are. … Read More

Celebrating Our Partnership with the Shiloh Youth Ranch

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At Mid-City Construction Management Inc. nothing means more to us than giving back to our community–especially, when it comes to the younger generations. This is why we are very happy to partner with the Shiloh Youth Ranch, who offer support and camp opportunities to various children in our community who otherwise may not have been given the chance. For further … Read More

Celebrating Our Partnership with Sport Central

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Mid-City Construction Management Inc. is a very proud partner with Sport Central.  We feel Sport Central is a vital community resource who’s main objective is to provide equal chances to all children in our community the ability to play sports. For more information please visit Sport Central’s website at sportcentral.org. Mid-City would further like to thank all of our employees and … Read More

Partnering With the Shiloh Youth Ranch

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Mid-City is proud to present the Shiloh Youth Ranch with our annual Christmas charity donation. We sincerely hope these means will help many more children-in-need through the wonderful programming that the Shiloh Youth Ranch offers. We would like to thank the Shiloh Youth Ranch for all that they do, and we would like to extend another special thanks to all … Read More

Tracks & Trends


Check us out! Tracks & Trends featured us in their summer 2013 magazine, including the cover photo and our history on pgs. 26-28…