Parking Lot Construction

At Mid-City Paving Ltd., we make your parking lot projects our specialty focusing on precise base preparation, proper elevation, and moisture control to ensure perfect water and storm run-off—guaranteeing the durability and longevity of all your projects.  From the ground up our paving experts can offer you top-quality services; with unbeatable cost-savings starting with:

  • Gravel/Pit Run Base Preparation;
  • Sub-Base Scarification, Soil Cement, and Compaction;
  • Light Duty and Heavy Duty Paving;
  • Asphalt Mix Design such as ACO, ACB, ACR, LT, HT, Cold Mix;
  • Concrete Curb and Gutter, Meridians, Islands, Ramps, etc., and
  • Line Painting including Thermo Plastic and Traffic Paint of parking stalls, center lines, etc.

As experts in our industry, we know the costly consequences of a poorly installed asphalt surface, and thus, it is our guarantee to leave you with the most durable and resilient parking lot surface possible.  So don’t take any chances, finish all your parking lot projects with peace of mind knowing it was done right the first time, by calling Mid-City Paving Ltd.

For all your parking lot construction needs, contact our experts today and see how we can meet and beat your expectations. Saving you time and money by completing your projects with our highest quality standards; in the safest way possible. Or enjoy maximum savings and hassle free services by combining all your construction needs with our excavation, underground, and paving divisions. Start by emailing us at or by phone at 780-463-0385.

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