Parking Lot Maintenance

Overlays/Lot Remediation

Already have pavement surface installed but you are looking to preserve and improve its durability and lifecycle? No problem. Mid-City Paving Ltd., now offers a series of options to remediate your existing lot. We facilitate asphalt overlays, which is a layer of asphalt on your preexisting pavement, in conjunction with whatever milling and patching requirements are present. Our parking lot remediation solutions provides a number of cost-efficient solutions such as:

  • Improved ride quality,
  • Reduced surface distress,
  • Maintain its geometrics,
  • Reduces noise levels,
  • Disallowing moisture infiltration into your sub-base to prevent sinkholes; and
  • Overall, provides long-lasting wear and quality of your pavement surfaces at amazing affordable prices.

Asphalt and Pothole Repairs

Here at Mid-City Paving Ltd. we are not about quick fixes or short-term patch-up jobs. It is our goal to offer you the best solutions possible for all your asphalt repair needs with a permanent and long-term solution focused objective. Our repair services include:

  • Potholes, cracks, irrigated areas, crocodile cracking, and sub-base repairs;
  • We also include any other structural repairs that are required due to moisture infiltration, poor installation, or flawed initial design; and
  • Any patch road work due to utility or underground service maintenance or repairs.

For all your parking lot maintenance needs, contact our experts today and see how we can meet and beat your expectations. Saving you time and money by completing your projects with our highest quality standards; in the safest way possible. Or enjoy maximum savings and hassle free services by combining all your construction needs with our excavation, underground, and paving divisions. Start by emailing us at or by phone at 780-463-0385.

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