Subdivision Construction

As a full-service and fully-integrated company, Mid-City Construction Management Inc., is proud to offer you our one-stop-shop solutions to all your subdivision construction needs. Our services start with all your excavation services, to all your underground services, and finishing your projects with our paving and concrete services.

From start to finish, Mid-City Construction Management Inc., can provide you top quality services for all your subdivision construction needs as follows:

  • Design Consultation/Permit Applications;
  • Survey and Layout;
  • Top Soil and Marginal Stripping;
  • Removal/Import of Materials;
  • Installation and Commissioning of Water, Storm, and Sewer Services;
  • Soil Stabilization;
  • Site Grading and Sub-Base Preparation;
  • Gravel Supply and Installation; and
  • Paving and Concrete Finishing Including Curbs, Gutters, Meridians, Islands, Ramps, etc.

Although each of our divisions are separate, we are able to combine all three from start to finish. By combining these services we are able to more efficiently control your subdivision projects schedule, budget, and its overall quality–saving you time and money by removing the added hassles of any outside middle-men restraints.

For all your subdivision needs, contact our experts today and see how we can meet and beat your expectations. Saving you time and money by completing your projects with our highest quality standards; in the safest way possible. Or enjoy maximum savings and hassle free services by combining all your construction needs with our excavation, underground, and paving divisions. Start by emailing us at or by phone at 780-463-0385.

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