Sanitary, Storm & Water Maintenance, Repair & Replacement

Despite being buried deep beneath the ground, out of sight but not out of mind, your water and sewer systems take a beating over the years. Even the best installed systems still succumb to erosion, breakages, and flow stoppages caused by conditions such as freezing and melting temperatures, human error, and/or heavy traffic causing breakages or sanitary sag. To prevent costly clean ups and damages, be rest assured that Mid-City Underground Ltd., is here for you and all your underground maintenance needs.

Call Mid-City Underground Ltd., for all your regular underground water and sewer maintenance and preventative replacement. We can service and maintain all your water, sewer, storm main lines, fire hydrants, catch basins, and manholes to prevent any further damages or costs to you. It is always our mission to make sure that you nor do your projects ever reach a breaking point!

For all your underground maintenance, repair, and replacement needs, contact our experts today and see how we can meet and beat your expectations. Saving you time and money by completing your projects with our highest quality standards; in the safest way possible. Or enjoy maximum savings and hassle free services by combining all your construction needs with our excavation, underground, and paving divisions. Start by emailing us at or by phone at 780-463-0385.

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