Water & Sewer Installation

As a full-service construction company there are no limits to the underground provisions we can provide for you. Mid-City Underground Ltd., specializes in regular water and sewer installation, focusing on proper grades and elevations, and above all else safety. From installing smaller to larger water and/or storm sewer mainlines we can meet all your underground system needs–residential to commercial.

Further, enjoy all our water and sewer services without any interruptions to your preexisting water supply. At Mid-City Underground Ltd., we strive to make sure all your projects are completed with as little hassle as possible. When you call on us we can guarantee no service stoppages while we complete your projects using insert valves, hot taps, and case boring services. Not only do we focus on doing your projects right the first time, we also strive to take your projects to the maximum with as little disruption as possible to your preexisting underground systems.

For all your underground installation needs, contact our experts today and see how we can meet and beat your expectations. Saving you time and money by completing your projects with our highest quality standards; in the safest way possible. Or enjoy maximum savings and hassle free services by combining all your construction needs with our excavation, underground, and paving divisions. Start by emailing us at estimating@mid-city.ca or by phone at 780-463-0385.

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